1. 2/13/13 On monday, I had my first post as a contributor on my friend’s site www.farmofminds.com A JDM-focused blog.  The short-feature is of AWFILMS' Subaru STi fitted on an air-ride suspension and custom Rotiform TMB kicks. See more shots of it at FOM! I’m very excited to be a part of the site, so please go check it out and look for more features soon!

  2. 2/9/13 Steel (MSK) piece in respect for Pimp C. Off Melrose Ave. in L.A. Taken June 2012.

  3. 1/26/13 Man…way too many graff pics on my hard drive, haha. A slew from my trip to LA when I shot WekFest, too. I love Seattle, but L.A.s graff is prolific. Can’t wait to show you those.  In the next few months, I plan to dig through ‘em all and share, so look out!  This one’s from last spring, Ajar fill-in, up top. Downtown. 

  4. 1/20/13 At a friends house last weekend I met this G35 coupe(and it’s owner!) fitted with Work Equip 04s. Using coils, the owner had found a good fitment to showcase these beautiful, custom-ordered jewels and still be able to drive most anywhere. Didn’t even scrape backing out of the driveway!

  5. 1/12/13 Stopped at the VW/Audi gathering at CNC Autosports today to shoot the shop and some bagged, Euro-goodness.  This was my favorite, a newer GLI on Accuair and stock E-class rims. The color pops so much with the black accents, it really made me appreciate this body style. Even though I’m no VW guy.

  6. 1/1/13 It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. After being so busy this past summer with car shows, I let this project slide and didn’t complete my goal of posting a pic every day. Fortunately, I was able to complete several other goals: posting on a local car blog, doing portraits, organizing a car meet and getting a classic Datsun for my garage :) This past year has really been dope, I’ve met a lot of cool people in the NW scene and improved my photog skills with shooting cars and everything else I like to capture. These next couple of months of posts will show a lot of work from last year that I didn’t have time to post. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

    At Uwajimaya last weekend, these kicks caught my eye, almost from the other side of the store. I knew I recognized them from somewhere…a movie? After a minute, I realized they were the shoes worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2! Sooo tight to see in person, the quality is amazing. I talked to the lucky owner (who won them in an Ebay auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation) and he told me a little about them. The lights in the sole and “Nike” script on the strap are battery-powered and have to be charged before you head out like you’re rollin a DeLorean.

  7. 153/366 spills. Everytime I saw this building from 99 north with paint spilled over the sides I wanted a shot of it, but couldn’t make it happen until recently. When I realized there wasn’t any place to shoot it from the upper deck, I found this sweet frame from street level instead.

  8. 152/366

  9. 151/366